Docs for: InPost.CrossBorder.V1.Api

API Documentation for InPost Cross Border.

All requests below (unless otherwise stated) need to be authorised with an access token obtained for your InPost Paczkomaty account.

For demonstration purpose (before obtaining client_id and client_secret), you can append following header to requests:

  • Authorization: Bearer ff21252bae7c4607913d466396d728f4 (this is access token for user
  • Please bear in mind that this test account/token allows to use all methods below except creating real shipments with POST /shipment method

In case you want to create real shipments you need to authorise with your existing InPost account:

  • You need to obtain your own authorization token (/access-token method below) with your username and password the same as for InPost account
  • You need to provide your own client_id, client_secret for Cross-Border API service. In order to obtain it, you need to contact us at

NOTE! If you are broker of InPost services please kindly use Parcel Locker service as an only applicable sending method!

For more info please visit:

In case of any questions contact us: